Issue with macro names in 8.0.1

Hello! First, I cannot even tell you how much I love, love, love Keyboard Maestro. I am a college professor and the software is simply one of the most important things I use to engage in various work with my students.

I upgraded to eight and then quickly ran into an issue with some of the macro names. In the example that I'm providing, you can see that the macro name should appear in the list as "27." This appears to be a problem with many of my macros. It does not seem to be a pervasive problem, but I do have more than 2000 macros and my library grows all the time. Is there a fix? Thank you!

Sorry, but the issue is not clear. Can you please provide more details about the issue:

  • What was the behavior before upgrading to KM8?
  • What is the behavior now?

Have you restarted your Mac since the upgrade? If no, please do so an try the macro again.

Can you export the offending macro and email it to (or post it here) (remove any sensitive stuff as long as it still exhibits the behaviour).

I’ve looked at @Jonathan_Sturtz’s macros, and as they were pre-8.0, and it appears they had the bogus names before 8.0, it is just that pre-8.0 was hiding everything after the first linefeed.

I have sent him a macro that can potentially correct the names.

We’ll see how it goes.

The macro @peternlewis sent resolved the name issue. Thank you!


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Gotcha. I’ve never really been much of a community person I’m still learning the norms. Keyboard Maestro is such a huge part of my day-to-day activities that this particular community matters.:grinning:

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