Issues with KM Engine

I've got a macro to open specific page in Safari, set clipboard to text, paste it via executing keystroke and move to another field and paste new text. Issue is that when I'm testing this after several trials Keyboard Maestro Engine stops working properly and I can't normally input any text via keyboard as it causes huge delays, i.e. I try to execute said macro and it sometimes takes more than 10 seconds before it runs. Killing KM processes helps but it's a bit annoying. Any ideas how to fix this? I'm using latest version of KM, latest Mac OS on M1 MBP.

Can you share your macro to see what are the actions in it

As @hello suggests, we really need to see your macro (file and image) to be helpful.

See How to upload your macro. Instructions for uploading to an existing post are just below the main instruction.
You may also find this Macro useful: MACRO: Upload KM Macro to New or Existing Topic @KM [Pub]

You should also find this helpful:
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Attaching screenshot of the macro, unfortunately I can't share link to the page as it's internal to my company, but I tested this with other websites and the issue was the same.

I was trying to this also in Chrome and setting fields to specific values but this also didn't work properly.

I think the problem is in the Wait For Safari to Finish Loading step.

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as @rlivingston says, use Pause.
Also, try adding a Pause action between some of your actions, sometimes that helps.

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Thanks @rlivingston and @hello - this helped and I was able to at least partially automate this!

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