Kanban View Macro (v9.2) in Omnifocus

Over at the OmniAutomation forums, @vishae has made a very useful set of scripts to create a Kanban like structure in OmniFocus.
I like it very much, so I've created a KM macro to open up four windows in a column like setting, mimicking the physical Kanbans I grew up on.

This Macro uses @kornichon's OmniFocus KM Action Pack (pick up the latest version here and read the forum post here), and a variation of @JMichaelTX's Get Next Screen macro ( find the original here) (I simply repurposed the first part of the macro to get variable Current_Screen and disabled the rest, and renamed it Current Screen Index - there's probably a better way to do this, but if it ain't broke ...)

Kanban View.kmmacros (59 KB)

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Hi @seishonagon, thank you for using the OmniFocus Action Pack :slight_smile: I haven't touched it for a while now, but I'm using macOS Big Sur and everything seems to work well.

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