Keep the clipboard history window open?

Is there anyway to keep the clipboard history window open after you double click an entry to paste it? I’d like to have it open permanently so I can do away with other clipboard managers I’ve been using. Cheers…

Hey Henry,

Hover the cursor over the buttons in the window until tooltips show up and then take note of what they all do (especially the one with the x through it).


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Perfect, thanks!

Since I’ve seen some nifty things here, is it possible to automatically show and hide the clipboard history switcher when another app is active/inactive? I can start looking into how to code a script for this if needed, but don’t want to waste time on this if its not possible.

Hey Henry,

There’s no way to test to see if the Clipboard Viewer window is open, so that would be somewhat problematic.

I just have a keyboard shortcut that toggles its visibility.


Henry & Chris,

There is 1 way I know of to test if Clipboard History Switcher window is open. I have a macro setup for my mouse's middle-click that will pull up the history switcher OR if it is already open will paste the selected item (keystroke: enter).

You can create an IF/THEN like so:

IF (any of the following are true) This screen: contains

(at ~50% precision) in all screens execute the following actions

My 'middle-click' Macro:

That being said I would REALLY like to have another way of doing this as this is a bit slow (and when the system is bogged down, it is WAY slow). This seems like such a hack, especially since this switcher is a built-in function of KM to begin with!

If anyone knows of a different, better way of checking if the Clipboard History Switcher is activated please let us know. That being said, the "If screen contains" method does at least do the job.

Hey Aaron,

You can do it with AppleScript and System Events.

tell application "System Events"
   tell application process "Keyboard Maestro Engine"
      set kmeWindowTitles to title of windows
   end tell
end tell

if kmeWindowTitles contains "Clipboard History Switcher" then
   beep 2
end if