Keyboard Maestro 10.1

This version brings native support for Shortcuts, including executing Shortcuts from Keyboard Maestro macros, and lots of Shortcut Actions to enhance Shortcuts, as well as a bunch of other new features.

Changed in 10.1

  • Added Execute Shortcut action.
  • Added Edit Shortcut action
  • Added Execute or Edit Shortcut (based on the option key) action.
  • Added Get Macro, Edit Macro, and Execute Macro Shortcut Actions.
  • Added Get Variable and Set Variable Shortcut Actions.
  • Added Get Active Macros Shortcut Actions.
  • Added Calculate Shortcut Action.
  • Added Process Tokens Shortcut Action.
  • Added Search and Search & Replace Shortcut Actions.
  • Added support for Shift paste plain in Paste by Name action.
  • Added support adjusting modifiers in Keystroke selections (including pseudo-modifiers).
  • Fixed AppleScript support for catchactions in Try/Catch action.
  • Stop implicit reading of variables by web browser actions counting as a variable use.
  • Ensure recorded Insert Text by Typing action has token expansion disabled.
  • Append Text to a File action should not overwrite a file if the file exists but cannot be read.
  • Fixed an issue when deleting a condition if there are two other conditions that are identical.
  • Fixed an issue with AppleScript search and search & replace commands not honouring the case sensitive flag.
  • Resolved an issue simulating hot keys in recent systems by supporting Numeric Pad and Function pseudo-modifiers. (forum)
  • Resolved an issue where script error messages could be truncated.
  • Restored the MouseGetCountdown hidden preference. (forum)
  • Removed a dependency on /bin/bash for updates.