Keyboard Maestro 7.3

Changes in 7.3

  • Added contextual menu to the No Action pseudo-action.
  • Added option to disable automatically showing the Action Selector.
  • Added NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching option as the integrated GPU should be sufficient.
  • Added “Or by URL” in the Trigger selection.
  • Added Set Image DPI action.
  • Added %ExecutingMacroGroupUUID% and %ExecutingThisMacroGroupUUID%% tokens.
  • Added Edit -> Find in All Macros (Command-Option-F).
  • Added “loop” as a search synonym for the Repeat action.
  • Added disable backslash or token processing option to Open a URL action.
  • Added Timeout option to various Safari/Chrome actions.
  • Added descriptive text then macro is disabled or all actions are disabled.
  • Open a URL action reports and optionally aborts on failures.
  • Improved dragging display of File Reference Button.
  • Support dragging Macro Groups to the trash.
  • Support Copy and Paste for Macro Groups.
  • Search more thoroughly for images if the source area is smaller.
  • Significantly sped up switching to macro/smart groups with lots of macros.
  • Remember scroll position of recently edited macros.
  • Add accessibility access for “selected” boolean.
  • Fixed an issue importing/duplicating macros with references to other macros with Switch actions.
  • Ensure all the image resizing actions operate on pixels, regardless of DPI.
  • Fixed occasional left/right jiggle of macro edit detail view.
  • Removed ambiguous close button from Prompt for User Input window.
  • Ensure search looks for matches in the optional parameter of Execute a Macro actions.
  • Default Send Mail Message action to just opening the new mail message.
  • Fixed code signing issue for macOS Sierra.
  • Report failure for Open a File action if file does not exist.