Keyboard Maestro 7 for Mavericks users

Any change this that KM7 will be made available to Mavericks users? Not such a big fan of Yosemite :frowning:


Hey Sam,

Not a chance. KM7 depends upon newer APIs introduced in 10.10.

I was a late-adopter of Yosemite (about 6-8 weeks ago). In fact the main reason I upgraded was so I could use KM7.

I’ve managed to work around the majority of my dislikes for Yos’tupidity. Hopefully El Capitan will fix a few more.


ok, too bad. I certainly consider updating for KM though, soo many cool new features.

Thanks for the info.

I too was a late adopter of Yosemite. Just upgraded about a week ago.
It was a great decision. Yosemite enables so many new features/capabilities, not the least of which is KM7. KM7 is totally awesome, adding so many new great features.

BTW, my Yosemite upgrade went without any issues.

Finally, if you don’t like some of the UI features, there are ways to deal with things like the transparency.