Keyboard Maestro 8.0.3

Changes in 8.0.3

  • Prompt For User Input supports Local/Instance variables. (forum)
  • Custom HTML Prompt supports Local/Instance variables. (forum)
  • Local/Instance varibles passed as environment variables to scripts. (forum)
  • Allow reading and writing Local/Instance variables from AppleScripts (via KMINSTANCE environment variable).
  • Added KMWillCloseWindow() call when window will close in Custom HTML Prompt.
  • Added GetDictionary() and SetDictionary() in Custom HTML Prompt.
  • Corrected the spelling of “matches” in the Cron entry in the trigger menu.
  • Allow Split Path to split just file names (parent path will be “/Nowhere”).
  • Added Edit => Automatic Completions toggle menu item.
  • Support Type Ahead in the Clipboard Switcher.
  • Fixed an issue with Search & Replace
  • Added trigger to VoiceOver for macros.
  • Adjusted highlight color when Graphite highlight color is chosen.