Please explain how the new feature "Added trigger to VoiceOver for macros" works?

Continuing the discussion from Keyboard Maestro 8.0.3:


As a VoiceOver and KM user, I was excited to see listed as a new feature in KM 8.03 is “Added trigger to VoiceOver for macros”.

My problem however, I can not find VoiceOver listed as a trigger anywhere. The VoiceOver Utility is included as an application under Application triggers. But I am confused as to what exactly is meant but the listed feature.

Can anybody let me know what I am missing here?

Thanks in advance


No, that is not a new trigger, it is an accessibility correction.

In 8.0, the trigger in the Macro column was invisible to VoiceOver users. In 8.0.3, the trigger is spoke by VoiceOver when you hover over the macro.

OK thanks for getting back to me. You have responded to questions of mine in the past regarding KM ability, or lack there of, to be aware of whether or not VoiceOver is active.