Keyboard Maestro 8.2.1



Changes in 8.2.1

  • Added created:1w, modified:1d, used:1h filters. (wiki)
  • Added an option to omit the title bar from palette themes. (wiki)
  • Added USB Device Keys to the gethotkeys AppleScript results.
  • Added a few more locations to look for 1Password bookmarks.
  • Fixed a bug with USB Device Key triggers when changing pressed/release mode. (forum)
  • Fixed a bug with typing text into the columns field of the theme editor.
  • Fixed password variable names (not values!) showing up in the Variables preferences. (forum)
  • Fixed some sanitiser issues.
  • Fixed an issue with contextual menus.
  • Fixed an issue with Read File action menus occluding text fields.
  • Fixed an issue on some Macs with popup menus turning white on mouse over. (forum)
  • Fixed an issue with glitched display of text fields in some actions. (forum)
  • Fixed an issue with palette placement when the screen resolution changes.