Keyboard Maestro 9.2 Not Detecting X-Keys XK-24 Under Mac Big Sur

After upgrading my Mac to Big Sur my X-keys stopped working. Per the X-keys company I found a windows computer and reprogrammed the XK-24 to work as a game controller, so that I could program "game buttons." My Mac does register the XK-24 device and its visible on the USB bus (plugged in directly, not via a hub).

However I can not get Keyboard Maestro 9.2 to recognize the input for the trigger. I originally programmed it using "this device key" and it would recognize the buttons as R1C1 for the first key, R2C2 for the sixth, etc. But Keyboard Maestro doesn't seem to recognize it anymore. The existing macros don't work and I can't program new ones. Am I missing some part of the programming process here?


Hey William,

You've seen this?

X-key and big sur


Yes, I’ve followed the instructions to convert to a game controller. The iMac sees the XK-24 as a USB device, but when I try to program it I can’t get KM to recognize the device or keystrokes. Looks like I have the same issue as JHP13.


You might need to set it up in a Windows computer

I did. Converted it to a gamer controller on a ThinkPad (PC). Per X-keys instructions I created 24 keys and wrote them to the firmware. Plugged in to the iMac and it shows up on the USB Bus but the iMac doesn't let me select it when programming a KM trigger.

Using the USB trigger?

Yes, the "USB Device Key Trigger"

Am I the only one who has had a problem with KM and X-keys under Big Sur?

No. Read this:

Specifically the bit that says: "XKey Devices do not work with Keyboard Maestro in Big Sur"

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