Keyboard Maestro for iOS

Hello, I just had a bad time...

On my iPhone 14, I simply wanted to create 2 (two) macros (Automation) which would make the SmartPhone ring 4 times in a row (with a sound volume at 100%) in the event that the battery is at 20% and also at 80%: THAT THIS APPLICATION IS BADLY MADE, CLOSED AND VERY BADLY DESIGNED!... A real disaster!...

My question, and my desire: does Stairways Software have, in its precious files and boxes, the development of a Keyboard Maestro for iOS?... I hope so... in any case, it seems to me that there are opportunities here... :wink:

How about an iOS Shortcut?


Automation trigger:


Here is the shortcut.

Go to the automation tab, choose battery level as the trigger (as shown in the previous post) and then select the above shortcut to run when it's triggered.

You'll need a sound file on your phone to use as the notification, and to select it in the file action (just above the repeat block).


Hello Noisneil and thank you for your feedback.
I will look at your code.
To come back to the subject, I remain skeptical about the "ease" of learning the Shortcut application: it requires patience and time...
My question still remains: when will there be an iOS version of KM?...
Thanks again... :wink:

The answer you probably won’t like is here in these two threads:

FWIW I've never made one before and it took me about 10min to figure out. I don't think you're ever going to see a KM app that controls iOS.

Imagine one of the best automation apps for the Mac being developed by just one person. No, not a team, just one person. I know, an absurd idea, but let's assume it would be like that. Let's further assume that this developer would not be 20 years old anymore and would not strive for the maximum, but for the optimum. He has made his passion his profession. So it would not be about conquering new markets but to work how and when he wants. The developer earns enough to live well from it. And that won't change anytime soon. He would not want more. That would not be arrogance, it would be the art of living. It's about having time for family, friends, and the good life in general. These are the real opportunities that life offers.

Of course, this is a purely fictional consideration. Any resemblance to real people would be purely coincidental. :wink: