Keyboard Maestro hangs up and doubles actions after a while


Keyboard Maestro hangs up and doubles actions after a while. I can't open the Editor anymore, I have to quit the program forcefully.
I have tried a reinstall deleting the files from the Library, but it still hangs up.

Any ideas? Do you need logs?

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This is probably better handled by direct email to

There are no other reports of anything like this. If you can't open the editor, all bets are pretty much off as far as what is going on. Clearly restarting is in order. Replacing the Keyboard Maestro application with a clean download from is probably a good idea.

If you still can't launch the Keyboard Maestro editor, then you'll need to at least figure out why it is not launching. Maybe the console messages will help. If the editor is frozen, requiring a force quit, you should get a sample using the Activity Monitor. Send any such samples to support directly, don't post them to the forum.

Doubled actions typically mean there is two copies of the Keyboard Maestro Engine running, which generally should be impossible. Make sure you don't have two copies of Keyboard Maestro on your Mac, just the one, ideally in the Applications folder.

Thank you for your response. I will contact you after my holidays in case the problem persists.

Please follow Peter's instructions:

You should definitely do a clean install of KM, since there is a new version:

Keyboard Maestro 8.2.2