Keyboard Maestro 8.2.2



Changes in 8.2.2

  • Added some synonyms for “Highlight”.
  • Added Characters section to Insert Token by Name menu (Tokens Missing in KM Editor UI).
  • Fixed the kmtrigger: URL handler when the value is explicitly empty (“value=”) (Empty Parameter in a URL Trigger).
  • Fixed SystemVolume token to return 0 when muted.
  • Tweaked the Assistance Window text for "take some action that should trigger this macro" (Problem with Clipboard History Switcher).
  • Tweaked display of inline popup menus for Mojave.
  • Updated OpenCV resulting in a noticeable improvement in image matching performance.
  • Possibly resolve a crash on engine quit (MyDeviceData release).
  • Possibly resolve a crash involving capturing a window.
  • Adjust some things in the hope of resolving the engine crash in High Sierra.

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