Keyboard Maestro Stream Deck plugin not working when using multi-action option

Hi, the Keyboard Maestro Stream Deck plugin is working, but when using a multi action setting with a KM action it does not work. The stream deck button then gets a strange number R999C999, no matter what button is used, all time the same. So in the moment KM plugin can not be used for multi-action buttons. Would be good if we can get a fix here. Thanks.

Hey there, fellow Stream Deck user here. I have no issues running KM macros from within multi-action buttons. You mention the default row/column number (R999C999), which you may need to change in the SD app, or update the trigger in the KM app.

What are the triggers for your macro in question? One of them should look like the screenshot below, but with R999C999. If that’s not the case, reset the trigger, or change those values in the SD app. If that doesn’t make sense, let me know and I’ll walk you through it.

Trigger Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Hi, when doing a normal action, it looks ex. like your screenshot. As soon as doing a multi-action including a KM macro, I get the R999C999 shown, like written before. But I find no way getting this to work.

With multi-action it looks like your screenshot, only with the R999C999 number.

Are you creating the multi-action first? Because I just created a test button, assigning it an RC number, and then moving it to a multi-action and it works just like it should. You can see that it retains the RC number even after being moved into the multi-action.

Screenshots (click to expand/collapse)

Ok, I found out something: The "long pressed" option from KM does not work, but pressed, or tapped does now work. But: Still the problem with the number. When I change that to the number, like R1C4, in SD app, and then push the button in KM to set the USB device key trigger, again the R999C999 shows up. If I want to use multiple buttons and all got the R999C999 code, sure this will not work.

Just tried that, but as soon as I move the normal action to a multi-action it changes number to R999C999 again. Not keeping the R1C4 number like the normal action.

btw thanks for your help!

That sounds like an issue with the SD software to be honest. I would reach out to Elgato to see if they can help troubleshoot.

FWIW, I still use version 6.3.1 because the next version initially broke a lot of my buttons for some reason.

6.5.0 is what I am using.

As getting support from Elgato is always taking so much time, I guess I will try workarounds. This is so annoying sometimes, when simple things, just do not work as they should. And just eating your time you would like to spend with other things than try to solve problems.

FWIW I just updated to 6.5 because it seems to address the issues I had previously, and I’m not having the issue with the RC number being reset. Sorry you’re experiencing this; it’s understandably frustrating. Have you looked into the KMLink Plugin? It’s a great plugin that every KM/SD user should have.

For more info on the difference between the native KM plugin and the KMLink plugin, see the tutorial I wrote about it a couple of years ago (link below).

KMF: Keyboard Maestro's Native Stream Deck Plugin Versus Kmlink Plugin - Tips & Tutorials - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

KMLink is not asking for the permission, so I can not use this. I talked to the developer and he told me that this happens to some, and not happens to others, and no idea whats wrong here. So now got KMLink not working at all, and KM plugin noot for multi-action. So funny!

Its just very strange, cause I do not see any reason, why the button code of the same button changes to that 99999999 nonsense, and so not working. Strange ........