Keyboard Maestro Text Abbreviation Macro Not Working in User Prompt Dialogs

In the user input prompt I am trying to use another macro to fill in a web address. If I use a function key it works but if I try to use this string is typed it won't work.

I have other macr

From the Keyboard Maestro wiki - Prompt for User Input Action:

Note that the system will not allow Keyboard Maestro Engine to see keys typed in its own windows so the Typed String triggers will not work within Keyboard Maestro Engine windows.


This is one of the many reasons I use Typinator to handle abbreviation expansion instead of Keyboard Maestro. I am able to use both utilities synergistically.

Making a case for Typinator

** This is Typinator 7 six years ago – as powerful as v7.x was v8.x has come a long way since then.

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