KM 10 Move or Set Next Engine Window Position [SOLVED]

(KM 10, Mac OS 12.1)

This new Action to position Keyboard Maestro Windows, is going to be incredibly useful. But at the moment I don't think it is working as it should.

Here is a test Macro to show what I mean. It simply shows 3 Prompt Windows one after another (each one times out after 2 seconds).

The way (I think) it should work is that the first User Prompt Window is Moved to 125,125 using its top left corner as reference. (This works).


The second User Prompt Window is set to be Centred at 125, 125 (but it doesn't move there).


The third Prompt should be Centred on the screen - (but it pops up to very left-top of screen).


@peternlewis - apologies to bombard you with this sort of stuff - but I suppose it's one of things us Forum Folk are here for...

Test - Centre or Move Next Engine Window.kmmacros (4.3 KB)


Hey @Zabobon,

I tried this Set Next Engine Window Position action, on release day, and couldn't get the results that I expected. I figured I'd wait until things calmed down before sending a report. Thank you for posting your results.

In addition, I couldn't get the LastWindowID token working either. I have about 7 total issues outside of main macros that I had to reconfigure to get working (i.e. - user prompts and a Citrix login screen that no longer retain focus when trying to paste into them from another macro etc.).

This will pass but I dare not inundate Peter at this time.


I know, I feel bad doing it. But at the same time I hope @peternlewis takes it in the genuine, helpful spirit it is intended.

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Good point. I humbly agree.


I wonder if it would be ok to create a master thread where we can post the bugs we come across? Perhaps Peter or the moderators could chime in...

@peternlewis @ccstone (I don't know who the other moderators are :laughing:)

Speaking from a background of professional testing—without using bug tracking software, the best option is to keep one bug to one post. This makes management, questions, answers and follow ups much easy to handle.

There is a word for putting every bug into one master post. The word begins with cluster… :slight_smile:


... and ends with duck right? :laughing: Haha fair enough! Would it be beneficial to have one thread that links to the individual posts? Maybe make it easier that way to find them in the coming weeks and months?

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One thread with links can work.

Asking people to format their bug posts in a particular format (such as: BUG:) can help them stand out, and make searching easier.

Another option—add a new section to the forum specifically for bugs.

Really, it depends on how Peter likes to manage things.

That sounds like a good idea to me anyway. I actually looked for a "Bugs" category before my reply a few minutes ago and realized for the first time there isn't one.

A lot of posts here start with something like "Bug! I can't get this or that to work" especially from people new to the App and are actually nothing to do with Bugs. That's why I resist using the word Bug and always try to mention that whatever issue I have could be entirely my own fault and me simply not understanding how something works :grinning: (it usually is...)

With these issues with KM 10 it is quite likely they are bugs as this is a fresh new version with lots of new features - which is why I put "KM 10" at the start of the post name.

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That’s very true.

You can always add a “bug” tag to your post. I see that there are only 2 posts with that tag in the past few days…


Good idea. I have just done that and made a "km10" tag.


No kidding!  :sunglasses:

@peternlewis – Have you posted a definitive “How to provide a bug report for Keyboard Maestro” topic anywhere?

It would be nice if that was codified, so we could point users to it and say “Please follow these guidelines.”

We could also post a macro that would gather any desired information about the reporting user's system. I'd think that would save everyone some time and effort.



One topic per issue is better.

No, because I don't dictate what people do - I don't care how you format your bug report, or where you put it as long as I see it. Any method on the Contact Us page works, or any post made here if I see it - so tagging me in will help with that.

I don't want to force folks to follow guidelines, read guidelines, or post to the correct category, which is why there is a very small number of categories.


This is fixed for the next version.


Great. Thanks @peternlewis :grinning: