Keyboard Maestro 10.0.1

Changed in 10.0.1

  • Fixed a crash if the Cochin Italic font is missing or disabled.
  • Fixed a crash when recording actions.
  • Changed the editor Get mouse location to include delay to allow window selection. (forum)
  • Adjusted dragging Subroutine macros to action lists or to make macro aliases to use Execute Subroutine action. (forum)
  • Process Text Tokens in Display Progress action. (forum)
  • Improved remembering the position of status menu items. (forum)
  • Corrected typo of Miscellaneous in Icon Chooser SF Symbols.
  • Fixed showing status menus when macro group activation is Always active and variants. (forum)
  • Fixed an issue with Command-Option-Numbers hiding but not closing the Clipboard History Switcher. (forum)
  • Fixed Prompt For User Input variable type popup menu being in front of variable value field.
  • Fixed Custom HTML Prompt not responding to key presses when the title bar is disabled (forum)
  • Fixed FinderSelection token including a trailing end of line character.
  • Fixed Set Next Engine Window Position Center and Center At options. (forum)
  • Fixed Search Web action failing to activate the web browser.