KM and (Access To) Databases, Fill in Web Forms Using a Data Base Record

Dear all,

I am looking for a solution to work with databases. Is there any way to name variables based on data base entries, for example in an excel sheet?

What I use to do is report somethings for clients in online forms (e.g. Google or Amazon). So I have to fill out the information, based on the various clients. So far I have done it with prompt user input and switches if the client select is B instead of C.

The issues is that it becomes complicated when you are reach a certain amount of clients. The other issue is that I do not want to update the address details etc manually. Hence, I am looking for a solution that KM looks for the details in e.g. an excel sheet or DevonThink Database maybe? Ideally in the background

Any idea how to fix, deal with that?

Thanks for your great help. I am sure a lot of ideas will pop up.