KM and Stream Deck Plus Setup


I just upgraded to a Mac Studio and I'm trying to fix all my old Stream Deck configurations. The KM Link app I used previously is not available any longer so I installed the official Keyboard Maestro plugin in the Stream Deck software. I can't for the life of me figure out how to make it work. I just want to trigger a few macros. The KM helpful do explain how to do it. Can someone please post step-by-step directions or point me to another site? Thanks in advance for the help.

Fear not! KM Link doesn't come pre-installed but you can download it from the SD plugin library.

Have a read of this excellent breakdown:

That’s how I got it before. However the Stream Deck store is different in the latest update and KM link is no longer there. Searching “km link” returns no results. Unless I’m doing doing something wrong. Which is very possible.

Here you go:

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If you type KMlink it should show up. No space in the name.

Sorry for the late response. But it's not in the Stream Deck store as of a few minutes ago. Installed it from the GitHub link above. All is good now!