KM Bug Export All Macros as Folder – Failed to Export

I discussed this problem in a previous post
KM Bug? Export All Macros as Folder – Failed to Export - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
and the solution was to save to a non dropbox directory.

The problem recurred and I spent the day trying to find the issue.
Restarting the mac, KM engine and editor and changing directory did not work.

I ran @DanThomas 's excellent backup macro which also did not work BUT listed the name of the one of 5,000+ problematic macro. It appears that the title of the macro contains a troublesome character.
I simply changed the title of that macro and now everything works.

Without @DanThomas 's macro, I would never have found the issue and would have had to forfeit Export All Macros as Folder permanently.

I checked the engine log and the problematic macro is not identified.

Solution: Export All Macros as Folder should tell the user which macro is problematic instead of simply failing.

thank you

Glad you tracked the problem dow but of interest Ronald, what was the troublesome character?

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I'm sorry to say that I don't know. It was a very long title full of / [ etc. I was so irritated that I rushed to rename the title.

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