KM to click on image in citrix

I am using KM script to go to a citrix website and login. I am trying to activate an icon to start my EMR, but seem to be stuck. Any thoughts?

I am trying to create a logon script that logs me into citrix and then logs into my EMR. I am getting hung up when trying to click on the icon in citrix that will launch hyperspace.

You might take a look at this post to see if it can help:

If you post a macro I can probably help.

Also: let me warn you: if you use “pause until…” “found image condition”: make sure to click the gear on the action and then click “Set Action Timeout…”

With Citrix, I use this extensively (eg click on something and then wait for something to happen), and before I set the “action timeout” I had a big problem with macros continuing to run indefinitely, searching the screen for an image. I didn’t know this was happening until the computer got really hot! If that happens, you can click the KM icon, then select “Cancel” from the dropdown, and then click the name of the macro that’s still running.

One more tip: I’ve used all of all of the text expansion software, and unreservedly recommend Typinator, especially if you want one that will work with Citrix!

I don't think this is unreasonable.

Oops, that was an error as I was trying to figure out what my abbreviation for “unreservedly” was :slight_smile:

At first I typed “unrs” and got “unreasonable”…then ended up defining "unrsr "to get “unreservedly”…but didn’t delete “unreasonable.”

Edited in the above :slight_smile:


Well, I’m not a native English speaker, but it seems your message (semantically) hasn’t changed much. Quite a few people on the forum are using Typinator. (And not only since the the other, more famous one has changed to a subscription price model…)