KM8: A Few Miscellaneous Bugs


Test system: Late 2014 5k iMac, macOS 10.12.6, KM 8.0.1

###Bug 1
Since upgrading to KM8, a number of macros have been displaying the App Translocation error:

None of the suggested fixes for App Translocation (moving KM in the Finder, running xattr -dr "/Applications/Keyboard") have worked, nor does examining either KM or the KM Engine in Activity Monitor show App Translocation to be in effect:

Nor does the new KM8 Assistance window indicate translocation to be an issue:

Fortunately, this doesn't seem to have actually affected any of my macros, as they all run just as well now as they did before upgrading, so this bug so far seems like more of a curiosity than anything else.

###Bug 2
As you can see in the first screenshot, "operation" is misspelled "opertion" in the aforementioned translocation error (I considered pulling a @Tom for this one, but decided against it :wink:)

###Bug 3
Unlike the other two bugs, this one actually has affected me negatively: when using the Insert Token, Variable, or Function search field shortcuts (⌃⌘T, ⌃⌘V, and ⌃⌘F, respectively) to insert tokens, variables, or functions into text fields (either plain text or variable fields), the editor has not been saving what I inserted. To reproduce:

  1. Start editing an action with a text field.

  1. Invoke an Insert … shortcut and select something to insert.

  1. Stop editing the macro (either by clicking the Edit button under the macro editor or using the menu command) and watch whatever you inserted vanish.

Fortunately, this only appears to be a problem with the new search field shortcuts; using the menu commands for the equivalent function still works as intended. Has anyone else run into this bug, or am I the only one seeing this behavior?

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I can confirm that I also see the last behaviour.
But thanks for pointing me to these shortcuts. Had not seen them before :slight_smile:


I can confirm this.

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The Tool Tip is an error, it is an action or trigger warning. Click on it to find out what it is warning about - it might be a false positive, or you may just not have completed your action to remove the warning yet.

There are warnings for things like a For Each action that never references its variable.

The buttons were copied from the Translocation warning button in the window, which is why they have the wrong tool tip. The misspelled “operation” is because it is misspelled there. Fixed for 8.0.2.

Confirmed, fixed for 8.0.2.

If you make any change after this it will be saved (eg press space and then delete).


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Ah, so that’s what was going on. Now that I know this is the intended behavior, I can see this being very helpful (in fact, it already helped me to optimize a macro by removing an action that was no longer necessary thanks to KM8). Thanks for the clarification, and for the workaround for the insertion bug until 8.0.2 comes out! I’m glad I was able to help out a bit :smiley:

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I’ve been thinking about a thread for this. Asking for people to show examples where they’ve improved their workflow with new KM features. Didn’t know if there’d be any interest though.


I’d be interested! In fact, I’ve actually been meaning to make a topic showing how I drastically cut down the number of actions in one of my macros thanks to KM8.



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I’d like to see it, it would definitely make it clearer that I am heading in the right direction.

I always enjoy the later stage of a major release schedule, when I am approaching release, and more and more questions leave me wanting to answer “well, in v8 you can…” as better solutions.

I plan on working through the Whats New page and producing tips, so some of these ideas will hopefully show up there too.


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Fixed in Keyboard Maestro 8.0.2.
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Fixed in Keyboard Maestro 8.0.2.
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I thought I already did that. Is this topic not showing up for you as Solved?

Yep it is. I guess I got confused by having multiple bug reports in one topic.

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