KMLink does not work properly since last update on M1 Mac Studio

I have a strange problem with KMLink. It shows my macro's but when I Push the button, nothing happens. The macro itself works from any other trigger or from KM itself, but not from the plug-in.

I have tried it by creating a new user account and there it is working. Something wrong with my security settings on my normal user account?

Thanks for any help.

See KMLink Stopped Working With StreamDeck on Upgrade to Monterey. The trick was to reinstall KMLink.

This didn't work for me unfortunately. I even reinstalled everything. Nothing changed.

I have the same problem. KMLink just spontaneously stopped working - not related to any update as far as I can tell. The macros still work if triggered by other means.

I've tried removing and re-installing KMLink, updating all my software, rebooting, checking all the permissions for KM in System Settings, etc.... KMLink just seems to have died.

I don't know why, but I suppose it is due to some updates. A few days ago I decided to try it once again and suddenly it seamed to work. I millwork again with it within a few days, if I find out why, I will post the solution.