KMLink stopped working with StreamDeck on upgrade to Monterey

Hi - I have a stream deck and had KMLink working fine triggering my macros by name. Then I upgraded MacOS to Monterey - KM Link still finds the list of macros, but the macros no longer trigger.

I am able to go to KM itself and trigger the macros and they run fine. I removed KMLink from Stream deck and re-added it. It found the list of macros, but again, they don't trigger on button press.

Can someone help?

I found a page on the net where someone seems to have the same problem as you. I can't tell if they fixed the problem. Maybe it will help you.

One thing that I thought was interesting was that a Stream Deck user can use either TMLink or the official KM plugin for Stream Deck. Have you tried the latter to see if that fixes it?

I don't have a Stream Deck so I'm definitely not qualified to troubleshoot this, but I did my best here anyway. I've been tempted to buy one but the 32-key version costs 36% as much as an entire Mac Mini.

What version of the Stream Deck software are you running? There was one "update" that broke KM links, but we should be past that now.

Monterey itself doesn't introduce any issues, I've been using it for quite a while. I don't use any plug-in though, I just use the built-in "website" action.

By the way, Stephen Millard crafted an excellent Alred workflow for fetching KM Macro URLs for pasting into Stream Deck. "Conductor"

I'm on 5.2.0 (14948) - latest when I check for updates. Not sure I follow the Conductor Aired workflow; don't see anything named either in the plugin store.

Well, that's the exact SD version that I'm on now, and Monterey is working for me. I guess the only difference is that I'm using the "website" action and you're using KMLink. I don't think I've seen that reported as a problem elsewhere

I got it fixed - uninstalled KMLink and reinstalled. Thanks so much for the help.