Launch KM action from PopClip

When I highlight some text PopClip comes up with my preferred options for what to do with this text. What I'd like is to click an option in my PopClip menu that executes a KM action.

Specifically, I want to click the PopClip menu item and a specific keystroke is executed.

Hi @Steve_Holstein - as with most forums, it's worth searching to see if anyone else has already been there and done it.

Have you seen this:


Hi @Steve_Holstein, You can, thanks to the customizable PopClip extension, run any KM macro.
Since PopClip extensions are only limited (about 20) available, sub palettes are also a good choice.

Here are a few examples (videos) of what I have created:

@Steve_Holstein please have a look at this PopClip forum post. There you will find a detailed explanation on how to use a keyboard shortcut in PopClip.