PopClip Extension With Keyboard Maestro Macro - New Workflow

Hi PopClip users,

From now on it is very easy to trigger a KM macro via a PopClip extension.

Here is a video about it:

Using the SF-Symbole works fine for me under macOS Monterey. Under macOS Catalina, however, I do not get any icon displayed. Only the name for the PopClip Extension appears there.

More information about setting up the PopClip Extension can be found in the PopClip Forum:


Thanks for telling us about this @appleianer - I use PopClip all the time so this could be really useful.

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Hey @appleianer

How about sharing the macro for the submenu you showed here: Sub/context menu with Keyboard Maestro - Show and Tell - PopClip Forum

@BernSh by tomorrow night you will have it.

A couple of things~

With a fresh install of Keyboard Maestro on a new computer, I could not display the SF Pro fonts that I had incorporated in my macro names. They instead came up as a square with ? inside of it. I found the way to remedy this was to install SF Pro font as a system font. Here is an article with a link to download SF Pro font. QuickTip: Using SF Symbols in your macOS apps – Xojo Programming Blog

Here is a pallet using those symbols in the macro name description.

It was fun coming up with symbols that represented the macros purpose.

@BernSh thanks for the tip. I will implement it right away.

I can only agree with you. The icons look great. Here are a few examples from me:


@BernSh a simple macro, but effective, for inserting the SF symbol into the KM Editor.


05)Icon KM <5F1F 220131T233515>.kmmacros (45,3 KB)

05)Icon KM <5F1F 220131T233515>

Nett, danke!

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Can you share an English version, not everything translates and it’s quite a struggle for illiterate people like myself. Please, share a full version in English if possible. Thanks

I thanked appleianer for posting before downloading and translating the macro.

Appleianer participates a lot and I thought it would be considerate to work in his language sometimes so the effort to translate doesn’t always go to him.

It’s also an opportunity to play with the new built in translation function. :smiley:

I’ll post it here once I’ve translated it.


@BernSh Thanks for your answer :+1:

@yashodhankhare I use a German language macOS.
If you open the split KM macro in the KM editor, this should actually be noted in English. Is the first action still there in German for you?