Link from a post to a particular reply in another post?

One of the replies on one of the Wiki pages contains information relevant to a post I am adding. Is there a way I can refer back to that specific reply in my post?

Hey Mitchell,

Search for “The Editor Toolbar” on Using the Keyboard Maestro Forum.


Discourse adds a reply number to the URL. As you scroll down, the URL changes (of course, modern versions of Safari hide the URL from you by default). If that’s what you mean, that would be a way to reference a reply.

But you’re talking about “replies on Wiki pages”, so I am confused as to what you are really asking.

`Sorry, yes, I was talking about forum pages, not wiki.

I never noticed the M/N numbers in the lower right. So now I can see the replay number. How do I get that into a URL?

I want to link to the second reply in this discussion. By clicking “Replay as linked Topic” I discovered that the URL for a reply is the URL for the page followed by /N.

So that’s an answer. Is there an interface for this or do I just do it manually? Not that common, so manually not a problem.

If you scroll so that the reply you want to reference is the first displayed reply on the window and wait half a second, the URL of the page will change to include the /N. So usually at that point, Command-L, Command-C will work.

Of course it may be impossible to get the last couple replies to be the first one on the window without either resizing the window or having a reply editor (ie, this thing I’m typing in now) open.

Oh, you ca n also click the link icon at the bottom of each reply and that will give you the URL plus an extra “?u=USERNAME” which would be easy enough to remove.