List Keyboard Maestro's Actions, Functions, and Tokens

Hey Folks,

Many people have wanted a comprehensive list of Keyboard Maestro's Actions, Functions, and Tokens.

The Wiki tries to provide same, but it doesn't instantly catch up to changes Peter makes.

This macro dynamically lists everything the Keyboard Maestro Editor shows in the various insert menus and displays the result in TextEdit.


List Keyboard Maestro's Actions, Functions, and Tokens.kmmacros (6.1 KB)


Chris, if you know of any items missing from the wiki, can you please list them?
I would think it would be a high priority to get these items in the wiki.

So far I have not found any missing items. Sometimes the item description is very brief, and needs expanding, but it's always been there.

The wiki should be pretty up to date at all times, I have a script that detects any missing wiki action/token/function/trigger/condition/collection help.

I just checked and there are not any missing that I can see. I added a few more redirections, but none of the actions were missing.


I couldn't find "Click at Found Image", "Delete Current Clipboard", "Example AppleScript", "Fix Finder Selection Bug", "For Each Path in Finder Selection", "For Each Path in Folder", "Get Finder Path", "Get Text Form ScreenShot", "Set Clipboard to Variable", "Set Keychain Password to Variable", "Set Variable to Clipboard", and "Unminimize All Windows".

This kind of comes back to the thread "Action Names Don’t Match Their Dragged Out Names" of what is being called a unique action.

"Activate Named Clipboard Switcher" in the actions listing is not actually named that where most of them are named as the given name searched. The name to search for would be "Activate Clipboard History Switcher"

You have listed "Conceal Macro Pallets Until Switch" but the name listed in the search is "Conceal Macro Palettes. Also listed is "Reveal Macro Palettes" but that is not an action that you can get to any other way except from "Conceal Macro Palettes." These are things that I find a little confusing in trying to find what you are looking for. The list to me is very helpful but not entirely consistent it seems.

Are things listed as searchable actions like Chris' macro gives you the display of, or are they suposed to be listed as all possible actions as it seems was what was trying to be done in the last example from the actions listed on the website? If the latter then there are several actions not listed that could be listed like "Conceal Macro Palettes Until Application Switch" (in the above example) which is listed as "Conceal Macro Palettes Until Switch" instead (minor difference in name but different then the action option and is not a listed action.

Other actions that aren't in the actions list "Insert Styled Text by Pasting", Display text in a window", "Display text briefly", "Display text large", "Scale size by", "Resize to"("Resize by" is what is inserted with action "Resize a Window"), "Move by" ("Move to" is what is insterted with action "Move a Window"), All the Move and Resize Options, "Center", "Center At", "Close", "Zoom", "Minimize", "Uniminimize", "Toggle Minimize", "Bring to Front" (this one actually comes up in the search and shows the action "Select a Window").

I have a lot more comments and things to add to the spreadsheet and need to check through it again on another day since I added columns as I went along. Hopefully this clarifies some of my confusion in finding things and following the consistency (or inconcistency from the list of actions). If all these subaction names were listed in the Insert Action By Name command Comtrol (Command+Control (⌃)) + a then it would be much easier to find what I am looking for (as in the case of "Bring to Front" showing the action "Select a Window".

Keyboard Maestro (98.6 KB)

We appear to be talking at cross purposes.

As described in the other three, those “missing” actions are either third party actions (which obviously are not documented on the wiki), or are simply specific actions with customisations in an effort to make it easier to find how to do something, especially when getting started.

There is no such beast as a list of “unique actions”. It doesn’t exist and doesn’t make sense. There is no definition of what makes two actions “unique” that makes any kind of sense. There is the list of object ins the Keyboard Maestro code that underlies the actions, and there is the list actions in the action selector (which includes adjustable or pre-configured variants of actions), and there is the list of documented actions on the web site (which often have a single page for multiple variants of an action).

About the closest thing to a “unique” action would be the minimum set of all possible actions that cannot be configured in the editor to turn in to some other variant. So Manipulate Window would all be one action, and Move or Click Mouse would all be one action. And all of them are documented on the wiki. But the action selector will list more than that because it includes third party actions and pre-configured variants.

Realistically, the only constructive information from all this is the set of X for which someone says “I was searching for X, and could not find it, even though it was there”, and that is handled not with lists of actions but by improving the wiki (or occasionally adding a variant to the action selector) so that it can be found.

Yes you nailed it that is exactly what I was doing my best to discribe and looking for. Thanks for all your time and effort to clarify, I will continue to update the spreadsheet on my own and use it to help me search for things I am looking for in the mean time.

In all this has helped me to better learn the functions and what doesn't show up in an action search but is there.

Yes especially "adding a variant to the action selector" or a name search like I pointed out above with "Bring to Front" showing the action "Select a Window". No need to nesiserely add a new variant of an action I'd much rather see all the listings of a possible action from the action search then always go to googling the Wiki. I'd rather go there when I drag out an action and need more help on the use of it.

I'll continue to peck away at learning from the manual, videos, wiki, this forum and experimentation. Thanks.

I just found this macro and it will be super valuable to my workflow.
One thing that I noticed and I would like to know if it can be fixed (?) is that the tokens list has an issue.

The first line contains "missing value" and then after that the columns are not in sync. That will also make the last token incomplete:


And there are some places with this kind of issue with the parenthesis: