List Macros With HotkeyTriggers

I was trying to make a simple list of my macros with their hot key triggers - any way to do that?


@JBG_km - I'll just respond with a suggestion that you may not want to hear. Just use KeyCue. Reason: As you progress, in your Keyboard Maestro journey, your memory for shortcuts will wane. Every day you will be adding to your list. I have over 2300 macros (many of which is for Outlook (job related file system). Some turn on and off based off of usage time) and remembering them all is impossible unless you are a young savant. I use a series of KeyCue, the Trigger by Name macro, Palettes (Conflict, Floating and a Bettertouch Tool activated Palette), Prompts, String triggers and maybe 10 regular Hotkey shortcuts.

All this to say, don't torture yourself. Hot key triggers are great when you have under 50. After that, you are searching. Get KeyCue and be done with it.

Good luck on the many other solutions.



Take a look at Macro Reporter Macro. It displays your macros by group with their enabled status (and the group status) as well as how many times each has been called, what the hot keys are and whether the group is a palette or not. Presumes you have access to your own kitchen sink.

Hey @JBG_km,

Simple? Ha!

You'd think so, but no...

The big question here is – why? Specifically.

  • Do you want a hard copy?
  • Do you want a searchable text file?


Trigger Macro by Name Action


Export Names of all Macros in the Selected Group to CSV or Excel - #9 by ccstone

@mrpasini's macro is nice too.


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