List of Catalina Security & Privacy permissions for KM

I'm afraid I became a little frantic after upgrading from Mojave to Catalina today. I got a notification about KM and the screen, and before I finished reading it, I accidentally clicked the deny button. Since then, I haven't been able to execute some important macros triggered by keystroke, and I wondered what permissions I have granted KM that I'm not able to locate because there are so many. Thanks, although I'm still a little frantic.

No problem. This should get you up and running quicklly:

TIP: Resolving Catalina/Mojave Accessibility/Security Permissions Issues

If not, post back with specific issues.

Thanks, JMichaelTX. The main one I'm troubleshooting is typing the text I've assigned to a variable in any context. If I change Insert text by typing to Display text in a window, the text is displayed. I can't seem to have the action type it, though.

Now I'm seeing what I haven't seen before. In Accessibility in Security & Privacy, the check mark by KM can't be removed. Is this common? The lock is not locked.

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Oh, maybe cause KM's open.

Yep, that was it, the prefpane was lying. Quitting KM, removing, re-adding, removing engine, drilling into Keyboard Maestro app to find engine, re-adding engine seems to have solved it. Thanks.

(to clarify, removing refers to using the minus button in the prefpane, re-adding refers to dragging the app icon back into the prefpane.)

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Unfortunately, yes.

The process to resolve it is straight forward but annoying that it has to be done at all.

I wish that Apple would consider whether a halfway interface enhancement regarding permissions management might be more inconvenient than no interface enhancement at all.