Logic Pro Macro List – ADD YOURS!

Hey all,

Thank you for all your help and for all your effort with the macros you've created here.

Noisneil; I'm having some difficulties with the macros above when I try to use them in my system. I'm brand new to all this.



Hi Conor and welcome to the forum!

As it says in the post, many of these are outdated, and I'll update them upon request. Which ones are you having trouble with and what are the issues?

Hey Noisneil,

I'd say it's pretty much all of them. I'm on the latest Mac OS and version of KM

I'm just generally interested in speeding up workflow in my sessions so I'd probably start with track stacks and exporting stems.

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated


Ok so I'm assuming you've tried to run them and they fail? Do you see any error notifications from the KM Engine?

No error messages, I get a "beep" noise and nothing really happens.

For some reason, I can no longer edit the original post. @ccstone, I believe you're a moderator...?

Here's an updated version of the Stack macro. I'm assuming you have a Stream Deck, as this is designed to use its KMLink plugin.

Stack.kmmacros (116.4 KB)

Here's an updated version of the Bounce Tracks macro:

Bounce Tracks.kmmacros (92.1 KB)

These work for me with Logic 10.7.4.

Hey noiseneil,

Unfortunately, I don't have a Stream Deck :frowning: Question, is it possible to turn your iPad into a stream deck?

The Stack one doesn't seem to be working, it asks to record my screen which is kinda weird, the Bounce tracks seems fine though I could probably benefit from a walk through? Do you do tutorials or anything?




Use TouchOSC and you can build your own buttons and everything and have it trigger Keyboard Maestro Macros or Logic directly.

I have many commands setup that way...

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Hi Wonshu!

Interesting..I'll have a look and see what happens!



@Conor_O_Boyle Yeah there's TouchOSC or Metagrid for iPad. Haven't used either, so can't recommend one over the other. Here's another idea, that I might actually start using myself:

Stack (Prompt for Patch).kmmacros (87 KB)

Macro screenshot

Demo Video

CleanShot 2022-06-20 at 00.13.54

Just replace the user name in the green action.

FYI, KM needs screen recording permissions in order to search for found images, so no, it's not weird at all.

What do you not understand about the Bounce macro?

I just came up with an alternative which I think I prefer even to that last one, as it doesn't require the Library and is quite a bit quicker!

Stack (Prompt & Drag).kmmacros (123 KB)

Macro screenshot

CleanShot 2022-06-20 at 14.55.01

km doesn’t find the Image, can you guide me? from which part did you take the screenshot?

Which macro are you referring to?

the last one

There are two found images.

1: Find Image - Selected Track: This establishes the X-axis coordinates for dragging the patch to the track header area. You may need to adjust the search area depending on your screen resolution, or just set it to "All screens".


2: Find Image on Screen (inside Drag to Selected Track): This sets the location of the selected file in Finder. I should have pointed out that this image only works when Finder is set to column view. You can of course use other found images for other view modes, but here's what I grabbed:


CleanShot 2022-06-20 at 16.19.35

To ensure the window is in column mode, you can add this Select menu item.


This post made my day.
Thanks so much @noisneil !

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Here's one i've had a while but forgot about. Opens Library with Instrument Slot focus, instead of the default which is Patch focus
[LIBRARY] Open Library - Instrument Slot Focus.kmmacros (2.4 KB)


Thank you for this wonderful and useful post @noisneil. I am pretty new to KM and was trying to use your vocalign macro and could not get it to work.

Looks like it does the marquee selection then just hits the down key to the next track and stops. I have the full version Vocalign Ultra and using logic 10.7.4.


Head over to: