Logic Pro Macro List – ADD YOURS!

Sure, here you go :slight_smile:
KM.logikcs.zip (6.3 KB)

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Excellent thread!. Will add some of my own soon.

These are great. I hope you keep them updated. I'm using the PlugSearch + StreamDeck macros already

It's taking a little more to get others working. For example, to get pre-fader freeze working I had to replace with my own screenshots and set the search area back to Front Window.

Yeah, these are likely to require a bit of finessing according to your screen configuration and which version of Logic you're on. I'm still on 10.6.3, so icon images will need to be re-grabbed if you're on 10.7.x. Hopefully what I've offered up is still helpful despite that. I've actually replaced a few found image conditions with UI scripting, but I'm hesitant to post them here as they're trickier to adapt to your own setup if they don't work for you.

They’re more than a little helpful, thanks so much again!

I’d also like to make them image-less where possible.

  • Where do I start with UI scripting? I’d love to try

  • I tried to set the Color panel using the coords relative to the front window, but it wasn’t working. Did you find the same?

  • Have you found any way to use your nOb for parts of Logic that ask for a click and drag e.g. quantize strength, or the velocity tool

Any clues on any of the above would go a long way

No worries! :blush:

  • Demo UI Browser to get your head around UI scripting. There are various other methods of getting UI element information, and if you don't fancy buying UI Browser once the demo expires, you could for example try this window analysis tool. Shortcat also looks interesting, although I haven't tried it myself.

  • The Color palette is a floating window, and while there may be some clever way of interacting with it that I'm not aware of, I opted for clicking relative to the location of a found image of the window title. You can see how I've set that up in the macro above. The easiest way to get coordinates is to use Mac's screenshot tool which displays coordinates when you click and drag; make a mental note of the numbers and press escape before it actually takes a screenshot. Alternatively, this macro will return relative coordinates. Trigger it, then click at the start point (in this case, the centre of the found image) and end point. It is set to display the values in a window, but if you enable the final group, clicking in the first coordinate field of the mouse click action (after the first two clicks) will paste the values in for you. I experimented with incorporating the coordinate grab into the Colours macro, but it seemed to be more hassle than it was worth.

  • nOb functions as a mouse emulator so clicking and dragging is easy. Set up a Quick Assignment in nAc (nOb's companion app) and set the location to the parameter you'd like to click and drag, while making sure the drag direction is appropriately set using the hardware switches. When you trigger this assignment with a shortcut, the mouse will jump to the parameter location and nOb will click and drag for you.

  • Thanks so much.
    I had a poke around in UI Browser.

As an example, Pre-Fader on a Software Instrument and Audio Track gave me different values. (Nevermind why you'd want to do this on an audio track)

Pre-Fader on Instrument Track
click pop up button 1 of row 6 of table 1 of scroll area 1 of group 2 of list 1 of group 2 of window "Untitled 1 - Tracks" 

Pre-Fader on Audio Track
pop up button 1 of row 3 of table 1 of scroll area 1 of group 2 of list 1 of group 2 of window "Untitled 1 - Tracks"

I also tried the record function on Keysmith which came up with a macro to click 'Pre-Fader' that worked on both kinds of track.

So it's finding the menu item in a more flexible way. And I'm not sure how to do this in AppleScript or KM.

  • That makes sense, and thanks for the link to the other macro

  • That's pretty great. I'm using Monogram which is limited to scroll, click and keyboard events. I've tried emulating mouse down events in KM and moving the mouse with key events.

Yeah this is why I still use found image for selecting pre-fader freeze. It's actually pretty snappy so I'm not too worried about it. Interesting that Keysmith can click it consistently though; I wonder how it's doing that. Does it work regardless of whether you move/resize the window or if the 'More' button under the Region inspector is open/closed? I don't feel like I need another piece of software running all the time, so I don't think I'll investigate it for now, but I'd love to know what it's doing.

No, it won't recognise if Region is closed, but it will work wherever it is on the screen. The record function sees which UI elements you click rather than mouse location.

It makes some of the existing macros incredibly simple, like opening the library, clicking the search bar, pasting and clicking the result. Also just about worked for clicking a colour. But there's no variables either, so you'd have to record that over and over.

It's pretty magic but I also wish I could do it without another piece of software running, as I already have all the automation apps running.

I meant when you close the "More" box, thereby changing the item position onscreen but it seems it will work anyway. Impressive. I'd love to know how it's doing it. Presumably it doesn't have an option to spit out a script so it must be doing some clever stuff behind the scenes. Must admit I'm tempted.

It seems to find it pretty reliably. The pitfall is it will find the menu 'Pre Fader' reliably but then you need a separate macro to find 'Source Only'. On something like Flex Mode though it will always find the flex menu, no matter what is selected, as long as it's visible.

This is quite a basic one but it sets Logic's Buffer Size to a value passed through Stream Deck.

Buffer to….kmmacros (6.2 KB)

@noisneil Did you ever manage to use a menu condition to determine, for example, if the Library is open. I found that KM says 'Show Library' and 'Hide Library' both exist at the same time.

I have a similar macro. Only difference is the end is a bit simpler, as pressing apply before closing the window isn't required.


For the Library, I just use this:


I may switch to using Keysmith for anything to do with the Library, as it seems a bit snappier, but I'm not sure I want yet another piece of software running all the time in the background.

You're right. I just tested and it is an unnecessary step.

For the Library my idea was a menu condition, if 'Hide Library Exists' then the library should be there. But it hasn't been working as expected.

The menu item seems only to be updated once you open the View menu. I just tried manually scripting it and got the same result. This is why I opted for the found image condition.

If you prefer not to use found images, you could use this, with the action set to return to a variable:

activate application "Logic Pro X"
tell application "System Events"
	tell process "Logic Pro"
set tracks_window to title of first window whose title contains "- Tracks"

		if button "Revert" of group 1 of group 3 of window tracks_window exists then
			return true
			return false
		end if
	end tell
end tell

If you checked this list a while back, I've added a few. Here are some recent additions:

Chords to Divisi
Set Buffer
Fader Reset - Relative
Delete All Groove Templates
Delete Unused Audio Files
Varispeed Region to Project Tempo
Bounce Tracks
Bounce All Markers
Vocalign Auto

Again, if anyone has suggestions on how to improve these, please let me know!

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Ok Noisneil wow amazing job.
I had no idea anyone else was working on this until just now!! Gonna dig into what I've done and see if there's anything that would be useful to you or anyone else.

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Hi, I tried some of the macros but they didn't work on my system ...
fe the strip macro stopped here : "Macro Cancelled
Move or Click Mouse no unique image
found. Macro "Strip" cancelled (while
executing Move and Click at (0,18) from
the Center of the Found Image)."

Am I supposed to change mouse settings or is it a Logic Version issue.
Would love to use your macros, the seem to be quite helpful. MY Logic Version is 10.7.4
kind regards, Jens Oettrich

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Hi @jensoettrich and welcome to the forum!

It's a long post so I'm not surprised if you didn't read all of it, but at the top, I do mention that these are mostly pre-10.7.x macros, and I'll upload the new versions as and when they're requested.

I assume you're referring to Strip Preset, so I've updated that one for you. You may still need to replace the found image, depending on the resolution of your screen. It's of the top of the Channel Strip Setting box, carefully cropped so as not to include any text.



Let me know if any others are of interest.

Incidentally, I'm currently beta-testing the latest version of PlugSearch, which includes searching and loading Channel Strip Presets as a new feature.

Hi noisneil,
thanks for your reply and for your work.
Yes, I understand. I guess, the main difference between your Logic Version and mine is: Mine is set to German Language. Since Monterey program language is automatically set to system language. But I m still quite interested in your solution to use KM and Streamdeck for tasks. Plug Search sounds interesting as well. So I m still interested in everything that helps speeding up the workflow in Logic. To be honest I didn't understand most of the operations in your macro chain. I created one by myself, so if you are interested to check it out, just let me know. kind regards Jens