Logic Pro - Macro Megathread (2022)

As there are so many of them, I update these macros as and when requested. Judging by the fact that I now call it "Strip Search - Patch" rather than "Stack", it's quite possible that I adjusted the AppleScript when Logic updated a while back, and didn't upload a new version to the thread.

I just tested this version and it works for me. Have a go.

Strip Search - Patch.kmmacros (79 KB)

Macro screenshot

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Thank you, yes, that worked for me too. Clever stuff. I only had to change the image for "Find Image - Right Edge of Selected Finder Item" to suit my preference of "Light" appearance for MacOS.

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Glad to hear it works now!

If only Apple would get their act together and give us a decent browser rather than more "AI" nonsense.

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Don't get me started..!

Really enjoying this macro!

I was trying to make a similar macro for the export tracks function. Unfortunately I can't seem to make this work based on the 'Bounce Project macro'. I just lack the knowledge on how to built such a macro. Could you help me out also with this one?

Thanks in advance!

Here's a macro that will export all selected tracks by cycle range to a named folder on the Desktop:

Export Selected Tracks.kmmacros (60 KB)

Macro screenshot

Hi Neil,

Thanks (as always) for the quick reply! However this macro doesn't give me the result I had in mind.

The only thing I would like KM to do is to open up the export destination folder after exporting tracks. I do understand that, to make that possible you'll have to automate the whole export process.
I would like to automate that after I click the 'export' button at the export window, so that I can choose the export settings with each export.

@kevinpatrick Ah yes, of course. Sorry, there are a few conversations going on at once here...

Export Selected Tracks.kmmacros (64 KB)

Macro screenshot

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Bit of a niche one, but...

12/8 is a time signature I find myself writing in quite often, and can be felt, in practical terms, as 4/4 with a triplet feel. When I start an idea, I'd like to set the project tempo using tap-tempo on the quarter-note pulse, but this doesn't work with 12/8 as there are technically six quarter-notes to a bar, and the pulse is actually dotted quarter notes. Still with me?

I can tap the quarter note pulse and then trigger this macro which will calculate the correct tempo that equates to 12/8 with the same pulse. Like I said, it's a bit niche.

Convert Time Signature- 4/4 to 12/8.kmmacros (31 KB)

Macro screenshot

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hi, how you did it?

hello, How do I find the click co-ordinates for different colours? thank you !

There are a few ways, but you could use a tool like this:

Display Mouse Coordinates (Front Window).kmmacros (38 KB)

Macro screenshot

You'll get a result like this:

...and you can use the numbers in the Colour Submacro like this:

Instance__ColourWindow[1] + 219
Instance__ColourWindow[2] + 106