Long Press Trigger

I was trying to use the Long Press trigger using a character key. I thought I'd be able to select any character key and long press to trigger something. But it seems like it doesn't work that way. The trigger will fire anytime the specified key is typed. Wish there was a way to add duration for the Long Press trigger, like three seconds or something.

Hi @Bakari45,




I have the same issue. When i make a macro with a long press key "L" as trigger, the key is stolen by KM, even if i use it as short press. Meaning i have to make two macro's. One for short press of "L" and one for long press of "L"

And another issue:
The "long press trigger" triggers at the moment you let go the key. Not when the time needed for a long press is reached, and that is what i would expect.
Is that something that could be changed?

Hey @Fokke,

If you don't create a pass-through for the keystroke then of course Keyboard Maestro will eat it.

In general it's a bad idea to use single-key hotkeys for this kind of thing.

Using Opt-Key or Ctrl-Key is a usually a better option.


Ok, I get your point and likely the macro's where I want a long press trigger for will have a normal press trigger too.

I wonder if my other remark will get attention, that the macro will be triggered not when the key is released but within the long press, ie. when the key is still down.

My open KM log macro does this:

Open the Keyboard Maestro Engine Log in the Console or BBEdit


I understand what you did there. Smart and simple and works in v9 too. :slight_smile:
It needs some more programming with usb device keys as they are not part of the if then else conditions. Have to set a variable and delete it upon release etc. So I still would love a macro launch when the key is down during a long press trigger.

I understand. Make your case to Peter.

You'll have to convince him that it will benefit enough of his customers to be worth his time, energy, and money.

I'd really like to see chorded keyboard shortcuts like QuicKeys used to have. We can build a facsimiles of these in Keyboard Maestro, but they're not nearly as good as what QK could do.

Unfortunately Peter has rejected this idea.

C'est la vie.


I have a number of USB devices here that I use, and the best are the StreamDecks because of the icons that I can display. It is so nice that they are now supported in KM. Although with some limitations, like the above mentioned omission of "Conditions" in If-Then-Else actions for example. A long time ago I used to use QuicKeys, but never got deep into it like I do now with KM. So I don't know which functions for wired USB devices it had that KM doesn't.