macOS Big Sur: Using and Upgrading To


Dealing with macOS Big Sur

This topic is dedicated to providing tips, suggestions, and workarounds to using the upcoming macOS update Big Sur.

First, here are two lists (forum searches) that you should find useful:

  1. KM Forum Topics that are Tagged with "bigsur"
  2. KM Forum Topics that have "Big Sur" in its Title

So if you are running macOS Big Sur, and think it may be causing some problem(s), related to KM or not, please post as a new topic in the Questions and Suggestions section, and include "Big Sur" in the Title, and tag it with "bigsur".

As issues are identified and fixes or work-arounds are found, we will post either a link to the topic or the substance of the topic here.

It would be best to post all new issues in a separate topic, rather than here, so that we can have a proper discussion, and close.

Known Issues

  1. It is likely many of the Mojave/Catalina issues remain in Big Sur.

Those of you who are living on the bleeding edge might find this blog helpful:

What’s New in macOS Big Sur 11 Beta 8 (20A5374i)? -- Mr. Macintosh