MacOS Mojave broke simulate keystroke (ctrl + arrow)


I just updated to MacOS Mojave and my macro that simulated a keystroke (ctrl + arrow) broke. All of the rest of my macros seem to be working fine. Does anyone know what is going on or things that I can do to troubleshoot this issue?

Edit: It doesn't seem to be the ctrl key that is necessarily the issue, as a different macro that uses ctrl works just fine. Rather, it is the combination between ctrl and arrow that is causing the issue.

I appreciate any help provided, thanks!

Additional info:
MacOS version 10.14
KM version 8.2.4
KM and KM Engine are both allowed under Security & Privacy > Accessibility
Nothing is listed under Security & Privacy > Automation

Edit: I wasn't able to figure out what the issue was but BetterTouchTool had a predefined action (moving from one space to another) that I was able to use. The pain is over... relief.

Yes, simulated keys that are hot keys of the system or other applications, that use arrows or function keys apparently don't trigger the hot keys in Mojave.

I have reported this to Apple (and done all the hard work of providing them with a test application). No idea if they will resolve it, for all I know they think this is a security feature.

Hello, can you confirm, please, that the combinations invoking the "control" and "arrows" keys are operational under Mojave? For years, I use these combinations for many macros ... By the way, for my macros, I ask ALL KEYS (and all possible combinations) of my extended keyboard! ...
Sorry to ask the question again, but I'm French and my English is not very evolved ... and I can not work without the help of Keyboard Maestro, with ALL macros built years! ...
Thank you for your reply.

Hi Tempo, I can confirm that KM combinations using the left and right arrow keys with control (through simulated keys) are not working on Mojave.

Thank you Reuben ... Well, well, I'll have to find an alternative: thank you Apple :rage: !...

Keyboard Maestro can simulate control arrows in Mojave. They just will not trigger hot keys (such as typically used for moving between spaces for example).

Is there an other way, how I can switch between spaces in Mojave?
Thank you!

Change the System Preferences configured shortcuts for switching spaces to hot keys that use modifiers & letters (eg ⌘⌥⇧⌃Q and ⌘⌥⇧⌃W), and then you can simulate them and that should work - only simulated shortcuts with function keys and arrows don't work.

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