MACRO: Convert Markdown to PDF File with Prompt for Parameters

Thanks for this! Taking a look at it I had an idea about a macro to store the PANDOC command for converting markdown files to PDFs. Usually I like to customize some elements, such as fonts and page style. This macro layout turned out to be perfect for this. :slight_smile:

I am note sure if it will be useful to anyone else since it is highly specific to my needs. Still, here it is:


Pandoc MD → PDF.kmmacros (17.2 KB)

This is also my first post, by the way! Comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

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@B_Vasconcelos, I moved your very nice macro to a new Topic so it will be easier for others to find.

Great job!

Seems good to me, @JMichaelTX! Thank you for your kind words!