[Macro Example] Custom HTML Prompt - Choose Item Text to Insert (v9.2)

How it works:

2021-04-03_KM - Choose Item to Insert


By : Martin Zhang
Created : 04/03/2021, 10:42 AM ET
Version : 1.0
  • This macro allows users to click an item in the Custom HTML Prompt to insert the item.
    • You can use the number keys 1-9 as shortcuts to insert the first 1-9 items.


  • I use it as a temporary list of items that contain special characters that are not easy to type.
  • It is like a starred list in a clipboard management, but it is simpler to use.


  • It makes each line in the variable "DNDtextList" as one item.
    • Create the variable and set a list if it doesn't exist yet.
  • You can put a new item in the input box to add new items to the list.
  • Click the "Edit" button to the variable value.
    • Alternatively, you may edit the variable value in {KM preference → variables}.

PS: It is like the "Prompt With List" action in KM, but it allows more customizations.

  • I use the "Ezra SIL" font, because I'm dealing with Hebrew words.
  • You may change it to another font.

Custom HTML Prompt - Choose Item Text to Insert.kmmacros (16 KB)


Hey Martin,

Looks good.

You've seen @DanThomas' Spotlight Search Prompt Macro?

I'm pretty sure you can control the font, and the list is searchable.


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I did not think of this macro when I built that one. Thanks for pointing me to this amazing macro.
I intended to use the macro I built as a temporary word list. It probably won't go beyond 10 items. I can use keyboard shortcuts 1-9 to paste the corresponding item. If the list grows larger, I will use Dan's macro.

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