Macro for Saving Original Image Source From Google Search Results?

Use case: I download images from Google image search results. I make sure to save the original image source, not the compressed preview image that appears in the results, but there are too many steps IMHO:

Step 1: Click image in the search result

Step 2: Right-click the image in the right-hand side menu that appears to display contextual menu

Step 3: Select “Open Image in New Tab” from contextual menu

Step 4: Select new tab where the image has opened

Step 5: Right-click on image to display contextual menu

Step 6: Select “Save image as…” from contextual menu

Step 7: Click “Save” in the “Save as” popped-up dialogue window

I want a macro that collapses this into one step and just saves the damn image with its original name in a pre-determined destination folder. The ideal trigger would be “command + shift + click” on the image from the Google image results page.

Just bought KM and figuring it out. Can anyone help me out here?

I started to look into this but discovered that from step 3 you can do a new step 3 of just right clicking and selecting Save Image As... (at least you can in Brave Browser). Does that work for you?

Don't get me wrong, this can be automated further, but if this works then automating it all will be a bit easier as you won't need to load the image in a new tab.

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Thanks but I use Chrome browser exclusively so Brave isn’t an option for me

Right-clicking and selecting “Save image as…” as a new Step 3 would open the save file dialogue menu and save the compresses preview image, not the original source. I want to skip any dialogue window and save the original source.

Hey Daniel,

If you haven't read these they're worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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@vincent_ardern omg, you're right and I'm dumb - i didn't know that "Save Image As..." saves the original image source :man_facepalming:t2:

Thank you! That makes this process much easier