Macro repeat 26 times only!

I have put repeat actions for 140 times to execute the same macro again. but it is only repeating for 26 times.

Can someone provide a solution for this?

If you can show us your macro I’m sure someone here will be able to help.

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screenshot.kmmacros (2.8 KB)

Thanks for the macro file, but we also need the macro image. See upload your macro .

Some of us aren't willing to download a macro until we see the image.

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I have put it 10 times repeat but it is still work upto exactly 25 times no matter what I write in repeat action times

Thanks for the screenshot. That helps.
What does the macro "screenshot" do?
Please upload this macro
Have you tried using the Macro Debugger , with a pause/debugger break just before the "Execute macro screenshot"?

I just want to run this macro multiple times, Macro ' screenshot ' that I have created is able to take screenshots of the screen multiple times.
Help me so I can make it user-specified input to run this macro specified times.

I was just going to repeat @JMichaelTX‘s request when I noticed that the macro you’ve showed us is called screenshot and you have it trying to run a macro called screenshot

Is that right? Your macro screenshot is executing itself?

Have a look at this old forum post that explains why this is a bad idea: Macro stop after a certain number or cycles

There’s enough information there for you to redesign your macro...

that helps, but I want to repeat those 2 keystrokes again and again. How can I do that ?
I want to make it user-specified, like to ask user how many pages ? === user type 58
then those keystrokes should be repeated 58 times.

The numeric field in the Repeat loop, like pretty much all numeric fields in Keyboard Maestro, can contain an expression, which can also include variables or functions. How many times would you like to Beep?

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Can you see the macro image that I have shared? Did I use the repeat actions command correctly?
I just want to repeat those two keystrokes simultaneously, I don't want to run the macro multiple times. Is this possible?

You need 2 macros:

  1. to set the number of screenshots you want and then call the second macro that number of times
  2. to perform a single screenshot

Here is macro 1:

KM 1 2020-09-17_23-18-38

Here is macro 2:
KM 2 2020-09-17_23-19-13

and here is the macro file:

Screenshot Captures.kmmacros (4.2 KB)

You'll need to enable these macros to run them and I leave it to you to test them.

Tell us how you get on.

Just recovering from a brainstorm here...

OR you could just combine those 2 macros into 1 like this:


although I think you're probably going to have to add some delays. You need to try it out.

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