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These macros are my version of the above macro set.
My sincere thanks to the original author, @siemsen for this great set.

My Changes:

  1. Changed Screen from "Main" to "Front"
  2. Added some Macros I needed
  3. Added some Macros to deal with macOS "Spaces" (aka "Desktops")
  4. I left in the set some macros that are disabled, which may or may not be useful to you.
  5. I set up the Macro Group to show a Pallet for one action.



These Macros downloaded from:

Topic Title: Window mover/resizer macro package
URL: Window mover/resizer macro package
Date: 2016-11-01
Author: siemsen

Macros that move/resize windows to the top/bottom/edges/corners of the screen, for people that have a numeric keypad on their keyboard. The triggers keys are the eight keys around the "5" key on the numeric keypad. For when you don't have a numeric keypad, there are alternate trigger keys, grouped around a key on the home row. Trouble is, I use a Dvorak keyboard layout, so you'll have to change the alternate triggers.

Window-movers-Macros.kmmacros15 (39.2 KB)


Macro Set: [Wndows Management Palette] Macro Group


[Wndows Management Palette] Macros.kmmacros (257 KB)


  1. All macros were uploaded in a disabled state. You will need to enable before using.
    • However, the following Macro should remain disabled:
      Cascade All Windows for An App OLD
      new Terminal Window
      Split View REMOVE
  2. The Macro Group has a Pallet triggered by ⌥W for one action
    • Change as you like
  3. Please feel free to post any comments, issues, and/or suggestions that you might have about this macro set.



Here's mine from over the years plus your macros that I'm still integrating.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 14.34.44

Hi iampariah,

May I ask you to share your windows manipuliation pallet, please?

Thank you,

your package is very useful. thank you

@JMichaelTX I often display multiple apps at the same time. One simple example is mail on the left and chrome on the right.
I used to have (I even think it was from you) a macro to toggle between windows.
I found variants in this forum but none which would:

  • toggle windows between 2 different apps
  • toggle between front windows only
    thank you

I use CMD-TAB for that purpose. You can use either the macOS app switcher, or KM's. I use the KM version. Once you have done a CMD-TAB and selected the first app, and then the second app, a quick CMD-TAB and release without even manually selecting anything works well for me.

Have you tried CMD-BackTick? That toggles the front two windows of an app for me.

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But I know that you had a very nice little macro to toggle frontmost windows (app independent) !. You had even told me to use it with your excellent Window Palette. You had recommended it and I liked it so much ! I remember giving it a shortcut ⌘→ which is more user friendly in terms of hand movements than CMD-TAB. In addition I didn't have the list of app icons flash on the screen every time I switch windows which becomes unbearable after the 10th switch. I used it all the time and am so frustrated that I can't retrace it.

For the same app I will look into it.

thank you for your post.

Sorry, @ronald, I don't remember a macro like that, and I've just searched all of my macros and didn't find anything.
You might do a forum search on my username "@JMichaelTX window palette" and read through the found posts.

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will do. Thank you very much

I retraced it and it's a simply mouse click on the left right hand of the screen to toggle windows.

It is simple but effective.

I had 2 macros, one for click on / activate right window and one for left window.

I put the actions below just to show you. Normally it would be one action per macro with its own shortcut.

Question: to simplify things, ie put both actions in the same macro and limit myself to a single shortcut, is there a way to create a shortcut that toggles both actions.
My gut feeling would be an if then else or case action with the condition if the cursor is in the left half of the screen. The question is how to create that condition.

thank you !

I think this should work for that condition:


great ! thank you Gabe !

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Sorry, it does not work. I tried in both directions (inverting the mouse click actions also)

thank you

What do you mean when you say it doesn't work? Do you mean nothing at all happens, or something happens, but not what you expect? Without more details, all I can say is that this example works fine for me:

Example Macro.kmmacros (3.7 KB)

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my profuse apologies Gabe.
I was mouse clicking with respect to the front windows instead of the screen
I also apologize for the moronic “does not work” without a proper description post.
all is fine now and thanks very much !!

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Suggestions for triggers for window management.

In the window below:

  1. Separate palette using icons that reflect the function that is app specific.

  2. Like 1 and in "Omni" palette that's usually sharing the screen in a column to the right that's reserved for palettes and control functioning things.

  3. Embedded in the Finder window toolbar. Must be converted into a Trigger File first.

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