MACRO: Spotlight Search Prompt

Try setting customPickListSize at the start of the macro. Let me know if this helps.

I have tried customPickListSize, customPickListListSize, and customPromptWidth.

I added it at the top of Spotlight Search Prompt, as the first action. They don't seem to change anything.

Check out the included macro π Example 9: Custom Prompt Width, Custom PickList Size (height).

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Ah. This works!
I can't just set the variables. I must have these in sspOptions:

customPromptWidth: %Variable%ssp__Width%
customPickListSize: %Variable%ssp__PickList Size%

Otherwise, the variable value will not be picked up.
Thanks a lot!!!

Ah, that makes sense! Sorry I didn't remember how it works. :roll_eyes:Glad it's working for you now. :smile:

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Hate to be a bother, but...

I just installed the macro and am getting an error with the Spotlight Search Prompt Documentation macro. As best as I can tell, it cannot find the "Spotlight Search Prompt.html" file in the resources.

The error is:

Action Failed
Open URL failed with URL

Any ideas how to fix this? It's on an iMac running macOS 10.15.7.

Maybe it doesn't work right in a Dropbox folder? That's my only guess.

I'll try other folders and see what happens. Thanks for the idea.

It is still not accessible by moving the resource to other folders. But I have access to the documentation via Show Package Contents, so I'm good. But it is still a mystery why this error happens.

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@DanThomas Thanks for this macro. This is my all-time favorite.

I am just wondering...

Is it possible to select multiple items?

Thanks - glad to help! No, it's not possible to select multiple items, and I don't see myself changing that. Sorry.

I've been using the SSP macro for quite some time without issue. I just moved all of my macros to a new Mac and now every time I run the macro I'm prompted to locate the resources package - any suggestions for how to fix this?

The variable DND__sspResourcesPackagePath is what contains the path. It needs to be the complete path to the file Spotlight Search Prompt Resources.pkg, i.e.:

/Users/Dan/Stuff/Spotlight Search Prompt Resources.pkg

That's not my real path, by the way. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I added this to the first post, but I'm putting it here too:

KM v10 Issue & Fix:

Under KM10 (at least as of the time I'm writing this), the Spotlight Search Prompt may show in a strange location on your screen. The fix is to add a "Set Next Engine Window Position" action at the start of the Spotlight macro. That way, you can force it to appear wherever you want.

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Hello @DanThomas

Thank you for providing it !!!

I just Installed this Macro yesterday on my Macs... - have great plans for this to use....

I have the same Issue on both Macs which @dbrooks787 in post #59.

But it is not only on my new shiny iMac 2019 running Catalina 10.15.7 - I have the absolute same error on my old MacBook Pro 13" mid 2010 running High Sierra 10.13.6 .

On both Macs is Keyboard Maestro Version 9.2 installed.

I even tested if I don't use Dropbox for storing the .pkg File but the same result.... - speaking of the .pkg File - It is your updated package from post #17.

After running @JMichaelTX's (R.I.P Jim!!) Display Last KM Error Macro I got this....


here the report in Text

MACRO ERROR OCCURRED  on  2021-12-20 23:10:03
This info was pulled from the KM Engine Log for the
Last Macro error that occurred.

Spotlight Search Prompt Documentation

Action Type:	Open URL
Action Name:	Open URL “%Variable%sspDocFilePath%”

ACTION ERROR:	 URL “file%3A%2F%2F%2FUsers%2Fkurty%5F309%2FDropbox%2FScripting%2FDev%2FKeyboard%20Maestro%2FMacro%5FResources%2FDanThomas%2FS ... n%2Ehtml” 

KM Engine Log:	
Open URL failed with URL “file%3A%2F%2F%2FUsers%2Fkurty%5F309%2FDropbox%2FScripting%2FDev%2FKeyboard%20Maestro%2FMacro%5FResources%2FDanThomas%2FS ... n%2Ehtml” In macro “Spotlight Search Prompt Documentation” (while executing Open URL “%Variable%sspDocFilePath%”

Log File:  ~/Library/Logs/Keyboard Maestro/Engine.log

Greetings from Germany


Well, either that file isn't present, or you don't have access to it.

Have you looked at the action "Prompt with List"? It may be a better option fo you, and since it's built into KM, you won't get this kind of error.

Hi @DanThomas

this is my Package Path:

/Users/kurty_309/Dropbox/Scripting/Dev/Keyboard Maestro/Macro_Resources/DanThomas/Spotlight Search Prompt/SSP_Resources/Spotlight Search Prompt Resources.pkg

I also have the File in the Package:

/Users/kurty_309/Dropbox/Scripting/Dev/Keyboard Maestro/Macro_Resources/DanThomas/Spotlight Search Prompt/SSP_Resources/Spotlight Search Prompt Resources.pkg/docs/Spotlight Documentation.html

On my iMac Keyboard Maestro has Full Disk Access since I use Catalina.... and the whole path is fully synced on both my Macs ....

The Example Macros all work like a Charm !!! - Its only the documentation Macro which throws the error...

Greetings from Germany


If I remember correctly, you can just open that file in a browser window.

You're right - that is correct....

Thats how the Macro should do it....

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If you want, you can change the macro to do a Filter with Percent Encode a URL (or something like that).