MACRO: Spotlight Search Prompt

Hey Folks

Here is a little Fix for the Spotlight Search Prompt Documentation Macro

I Provide this Fix for all who use this wonderfull Macro with the Resources Package stored on Dropbox and who also run / ran into the same issues like @dbrooks787 and I described in earlier posts.

The Macro now uses the normal behavior to open the Spotlight Documentation.html file in the default Browser.

Macro: Spotlight Search Prompt Documentation -- Ver 1.0.1

Release Notes

  • Macro_Name: Spotlight Search Prompt Documentation

  • Macro_Version: 1.0.1

  • Orig_Author: @DanThomas

  • Last_Updated (Version 1.0): 2016/08/13 14:25 PDT

  • Modified_By: @Nr.5-need_input -- Tobias Zittlau

  • Mod_Date: 2021-12-21 18:30 GMT +1


  • Shows the Documentation (in a browser).


  • Launch this macro.



Ver. 1.0.1 :


  • ChangeLog

  • Set Variable to Text as orig. Variable „sspDocFilePath“


  • Value of Variable „sspDocFilePath“ as non URL-like path keeping tokens from Dan

  • Orig Comment moved to Group „Orig Comment from Initial Version — by DanThomas

  • Orig URL-like Actions moved to Group „DECTIVATED: Filter with URL Encoding and open in Browser / Default App from Verison 1.0

Ver. 1.0 :

Initial Version — Last Update by Dan Thomas 2016/08/13 14:25 PDT


!! Do NOT forget to Link it with the Spotlight Search Prompt Macro in the Group after import !!


Note: This Macro gets imported in a DISABLED State.
It MUST be enabled before it can be triggered.


Spotlight Search Prompt Documentation -- Ver 1.0.1.kmmacros (58,6 KB)

I used to use this macro for something a while back but, at some point, it stopped working. I tried re-installing and setting up again, but get this error:

Spotlight Search Prompt
Variable 'sspOptions' not set

I can't see in the documentation that I need to set this. Can you tell me what I need to do to get this working?

Also, I previously had a version of this that it selected a specific variable for editing. I can't remember how I set it to do that, so if you can remind me that would be great. :slight_smile:


Hey Lloyd,

Search for "sspOptions" – it should look something like this:

That's much too vague...

Selects where?


Yeah, you're not wrong. I think that what I did before was I copied the default Spotlight Search Prompt and had a customised version where a specific variable was automatically selected (in the input/prompt) area, so I could just tab straight to the variable and edit it, rather than have to type to filter.

Basically, I wanted to have a way where I could use a hotkey to edit a variable (multi-line, almost like a log file) very quickly without opening KM. This macro was the one suggested to me at the time.

OK, I think I was completely missing that it had found a match because that specific part was disabled (and collapsed down) and I was somewhat blind to it. That's working now, thanks.

Any variable? Or a specific variable?

If I remember correctly Keyboard Maestro has no direct means to edit multiline text.

So you're relegated three options I can think of:

  1. Open the variable to an external editor like BBEdit (my preference).
  2. Use an AppleScript dialog (useable but a bit inflexible).
  3. Use Keyboard Maestro Custom HTML Prompt (very flexible but difficult for most users).

It seems to me that someone has posted an example of item 3 on the forum, but I couldn't find it with a cursory search.


I searched back through my previous posts and found what I had previously used:

Variable Inspector Prompt:

So I must have been barking up the wrong tree. Will re-install this and see how I go