MACRO: Spotlight Search Prompt

I'll try other folders and see what happens. Thanks for the idea.

It is still not accessible by moving the resource to other folders. But I have access to the documentation via Show Package Contents, so I'm good. But it is still a mystery why this error happens.

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@DanThomas Thanks for this macro. This is my all-time favorite.

I am just wondering...

Is it possible to select multiple items?

Thanks - glad to help! No, it's not possible to select multiple items, and I don't see myself changing that. Sorry.

I've been using the SSP macro for quite some time without issue. I just moved all of my macros to a new Mac and now every time I run the macro I'm prompted to locate the resources package - any suggestions for how to fix this?

The variable DND__sspResourcesPackagePath is what contains the path. It needs to be the complete path to the file Spotlight Search Prompt Resources.pkg, i.e.:

/Users/Dan/Stuff/Spotlight Search Prompt Resources.pkg

That's not my real path, by the way. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I added this to the first post, but I'm putting it here too:

KM v10 Issue & Fix:

Under KM10 (at least as of the time I'm writing this), the Spotlight Search Prompt may show in a strange location on your screen. The fix is to add a "Set Next Engine Window Position" action at the start of the Spotlight macro. That way, you can force it to appear wherever you want.

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Hello @DanThomas

Thank you for providing it !!!

I just Installed this Macro yesterday on my Macs... - have great plans for this to use....

I have the same Issue on both Macs which @dbrooks787 in post #59.

But it is not only on my new shiny iMac 2019 running Catalina 10.15.7 - I have the absolute same error on my old MacBook Pro 13" mid 2010 running High Sierra 10.13.6 .

On both Macs is Keyboard Maestro Version 9.2 installed.

I even tested if I don't use Dropbox for storing the .pkg File but the same result.... - speaking of the .pkg File - It is your updated package from post #17.

After running @JMichaelTX's (R.I.P Jim!!) Display Last KM Error Macro I got this....


here the report in Text

MACRO ERROR OCCURRED  on  2021-12-20 23:10:03
This info was pulled from the KM Engine Log for the
Last Macro error that occurred.

Spotlight Search Prompt Documentation

Action Type:	Open URL
Action Name:	Open URL β€œ%Variable%sspDocFilePath%”

ACTION ERROR:	 URL β€œfile%3A%2F%2F%2FUsers%2Fkurty%5F309%2FDropbox%2FScripting%2FDev%2FKeyboard%20Maestro%2FMacro%5FResources%2FDanThomas%2FS ... n%2Ehtml” 

KM Engine Log:	
Open URL failed with URL β€œfile%3A%2F%2F%2FUsers%2Fkurty%5F309%2FDropbox%2FScripting%2FDev%2FKeyboard%20Maestro%2FMacro%5FResources%2FDanThomas%2FS ... n%2Ehtml” In macro β€œSpotlight Search Prompt Documentation” (while executing Open URL β€œ%Variable%sspDocFilePath%”

Log File:  ~/Library/Logs/Keyboard Maestro/Engine.log

Greetings from Germany


Well, either that file isn't present, or you don't have access to it.

Have you looked at the action "Prompt with List"? It may be a better option fo you, and since it's built into KM, you won't get this kind of error.

Hi @DanThomas

this is my Package Path:

/Users/kurty_309/Dropbox/Scripting/Dev/Keyboard Maestro/Macro_Resources/DanThomas/Spotlight Search Prompt/SSP_Resources/Spotlight Search Prompt Resources.pkg

I also have the File in the Package:

/Users/kurty_309/Dropbox/Scripting/Dev/Keyboard Maestro/Macro_Resources/DanThomas/Spotlight Search Prompt/SSP_Resources/Spotlight Search Prompt Resources.pkg/docs/Spotlight Documentation.html

On my iMac Keyboard Maestro has Full Disk Access since I use Catalina.... and the whole path is fully synced on both my Macs ....

The Example Macros all work like a Charm !!! - Its only the documentation Macro which throws the error...

Greetings from Germany


If I remember correctly, you can just open that file in a browser window.

You're right - that is correct....

Thats how the Macro should do it....

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If you want, you can change the macro to do a Filter with Percent Encode a URL (or something like that).

it is already used in the Macro


Then I have no clue. You can open the file yourself, right? If so, then that's good enough.

double pressing opens the file in Safari - maybe have found the issue....

see the URL-String from Safari:


and here in the encoded String from my Error Message:

ACTION ERROR: URL β€œfile%3A%2F%2F%2FUsers%2Fkurty%5F309%2FDropbox%2FScripting%2FDev%2FKeyboard%20Maestro%2FMacro%5FResources%2FDanThomas%2FS ... n%2Ehtml”

maybe the encoding does not work as expected...

maybe an Issue in the Filter Variable with Percent Encoding @peternlewis ?

what do you think ?

Is there a workaround ?

I shure can open the File directly or temporarily edit the Macro something that don't uses URL Encoding?

Greetings from Germany


That's my recommendation.

I will work on it and post the fix here so that others who have the same Issue can fix it by just relinking the Macros....

Can I ask you something ?

Yes, of course!

maybe a little OT - sorry for that...
Can you give my PM from earlier this year a little time? - You remember the Beta Macro ?

I would really appreciate that.... I know you have a lot of work to do - but it would help me to know what you're thinking about it ...


but please as PM