Macro Syncing Issue on MacOS Sierra

The following terminal command used to be a solution to the syncing issue of time-machine-restored new machines:

defaults delete com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine MacUUID

But something must have changed since Yosemite. It doesn’t work. All the machines behave just like they’re one single machine. Tried deleting all the preferences files to no joy.

Stopping and relaunching the engine or rebooting have no effect either.

What’s been changed?

You can see the value of the MacUUID using the MacUUID token. Verify whether it is the same on the multiple Macs or not.

If it is, quit the Keyboard Maestro Engine and Keyboard Maestro, and run the command you mentioned.

defaults delete com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine MacUUID

Launch Keyboard Maestro and verify that the MacUUID token value has changed.

If not, then you may have either corrupted com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine.plist file, or you have have problems with ownership or permissions of your preference files.

Okay, apparently the two machines have unique MacUUID's, but they still behave as one.

I tried reinstalling KM (purged all prefs files) but it had no effect. Even when I start from scratch, they behave just the same. Like I mentioned earlier, I used to be able to fix this same problem with what you just suggested. The trick stopped working after I updated to the latest version of KM under MacOS Sierra.

What do you mean “behave as one”?

When I disable a Macro on one machine it will be disabled as well on the other by syncing.

That is what syncing does…?

The only differences in your macro behaviour between Macs when syncing is on is the “Disabled on this Mac” setting in each Macro Group.

I’m sorry. That was what I meant.

When I disable a macro group on one machine, it gets also disabled on the other.

That is, “Disabled on this Mac” feature doesn’t work. Disabling or enabling one macro group via a “Disabled on this Mac” tick box affects all the other machines across the network. That’s what I meant by “they behave as one.”

Disabling a Macro Group will disable it on all Macs.

Only using the special “Disabled on this Mac” checkbox is restricted to a single Mac, based on the MacUUID value.

I do not have two Sierra Macs to test this out, but I checked and the code all looks fine, and I don’t see how this would be related to Sierra anyway.

When you turn that checkbox on, it adds the MacUUID value to a set for that macro group, which you can verify in the Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist file. When you turn it on for the other Mac, it should add a different UUID (the MacUUID for that Mac).


But, ‘Disabled on this Mac’ stopped working recently in my case even when the machines have their own unique MacUUIDs. I had to turn off ‘Syncing.’

Thanks anyway.