Macro to harvest an individual's (current) LinkedIn info for CRM


This macro works well enough most of the time, though it is imperfect because it relies on my own RegEx. This means:

  1. someone could probably write better RegEx;
  2. it occasionally gets confounded by LinkedIn's inconsistent presentation;
  3. it provides you the opportunity to make manual edits.

It also allows a vcf card to be written to the ’Temp’ folder if desired. However, for my own use I use the ‘multifunction paste’ macro that I've previously published here to paste details into my contacts database. A link to that macro is below:

I use the ‘multifunction paste’ macro such that:

  • vvn—pastes person’s name
  • vvj—pastes person’s role (Job)
  • vvo—pastes person’s organization
  • vvp—pastes person’s location (Place)
  • vvk—pastes person’s LinkedIn URL

The same could be done for CRM systems.

You are welcome to make your own tweaks. If you can improve the RegEx or harvesting, then it would be terrific if you could post that back to this board!

"Harvest LinkedIn info” Macro

Harvest LinkedIn info.kmmacros (45 KB)


Hey @Rather,

You'll need to provide example pages at LinkedIn that work and that don't work if you want anyone to help with this.



Thanks Chris, it was more of a “buyer beware” than anything else. But I’ll bear that in mind and call for help if ever it bugs me too much!