Macro to Print a Mac OSX Control Key Symbol

I'm a new user so please excuse if this is a overly simple question. I want to be able to print the symbols used on the mac for command, option, control. Is there a simple way to generate these using a macro expansion?
Ivan Gepner

No problem. Keyboard Maestro already has a macro in its macro library for just this purpose:

I suggest starting with that and modifying it for your own needs.

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I put it in my system prefs text replacement ...

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@Ivan I use a picklist for this.
With "öö" I call this and then select the desired keys.


The cordionates for the cursor move (red action) refer to a 27 inch iMac. If necessary, you have to adjust them for yourself.

PickList Modifier Keys <1DDC 211210T220143>.kmmacros (11,1 KB)

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All great solutions.
I have a Group of Insert Text by Typing Macros, each one set to type a Symbol. I have a shortcut to call up the Group's Palette and then just click on each Symbol I want to type. When I'm done typing Symbols I close the Palette by pressing the same shortcut key.


Each Macro in the Group looks like this (i.e. no trigger is set as I just click the Group Palette entry)



Hey Ivan,

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Keyboard Maestro gives you a number of ways to accomplish this task, as you have seen.

You can also use a simple text-expansion macro.

I have a set in Typinator rather than KM, because I have many thousands of text-expansions and need a dedicated utility.

;cmd  ==  ⌘
;ctrl ==  ⌃
;opt  ==  ⌥
;sft  ==  ⇧

But it's easy enough to create these in Keyboard Maestro.

How To Create a Simple Text Expansion Macro