Macro to print to PDF Xpert

After typing Cmd-P, there is an option to print as pdf. If one clicks on 'pdf' a drop down list appears with a wide variety of picks.
1- is there any way to access this menu with KBM? pick for example 'open PDF in Preview' ?
2- would there be any way to create an 'open PDF in PDF Xpert' ?
thanks very much in advance for your time and help


See this for an example:
MACRO: @PDF Choose PDF Menu Item in Print Dialog (All Browsers) [Example]

It is designed to access the PDF Menu Button on a standard Print dialog.
In this case I have designed it to work with Browsers, but you should be able to adapt it to work with the Print dialog from any app.

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Works beautifully. Bravo. Very elegant.
Thank you VERY much.
Would you have any idea how I can add the option ‘open in PDFXpert’ (my favorite PDF reader). I imagine that it should be simple, considering the fact that ‘open PDF in Preview’ is an option.
thanks again very much


Instructions are provided in the “ReleaseNotes” of the above macro, in the “Macro Setup” section.

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thank you. If I understand correctly from the release notes, it’s up to me to create a printing workflow. There is no simple solution such as duplicating Open PDF in Preview and substitute PDFXpert.

All you need to do is:

####Replace the Menu Items in This List

####With the Items in YOUR PDF Menu List:

Then, when you run the Macro, just choose "PDF Expert"

Make sense?

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Hello @ronald, you can still wait 2 days? Will publish on YT a Turorial (in German) on Sunday and post it here in the forum. You can access all your print commands and more with just one shortcut in all apps. Do not have to create complicated macros, etc. … let you surprise :wink:

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@appleianer, this sounds very interesting. I hope you can find someone to translate it to English, so more of us can benefit.


Thank you for your interest @JMichaelTX . The English language is not so mine. I thank God for translator programs :wink: I’m doing my YT videos in detail with step by step instructions. It will be easy to imitate them.

Therefore I make with my posts in the forum synonymous still a short video to the function of the macro … as here.

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with pleasure. thanks very much. what is the name of the video?

Thank you for your reply.
I did not express myself correctly. I understand the above and thanks for the snapshot.
My problem is that 'PDF Expert' in the list does not work.
I thought that simply adding the app PDF Expert to the print menu as per belowwould be equivalent to 'Open in Preview', whereas nothing happens.
I imagine that I have to find a way to write an automator print workflow.
for the moment, I will wait for Appleianer's video.

My apologies. I found the problem.
PDF Expert does work, contrary to what I said.
I was confused by the fact that it works in the background. I just had to make PDF Expert active, or hide the front window.
Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks for reporting this clarification. I did not know that you had manually added “PDF Expert” to the PDF Button Menu.

So, does using my macro now work as expected, you just need to bring PDF Expert to the front?

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yes, it works perfectly, and makes my life much easier.
thanks again very much !