[MACRO] Using Keyboard Maestro as Alfred (Example - Searching Evernote)

The "Trigger by name" is a great feature. Many of them use the feature only to launch macros.

The main question is, once you start entering the keywords after the term - "evs", normally the macro will not come up. The solution is below.

I've included the most common 10k words in English a comment. So that whatever you enter after the word "evs" in the "Trigger by name" bar, the macro will come up. This will be as good as Alfred for searching.

The below is how I extract the parameters out of the trigger text.

This is how I look at how may parameters are passed.

This macro will demonstrate you.

  1. Getting stuff done with the parameters you pass in the trigger text
  2. Regex to extract nth word out of the strings
  3. Counting the words in the variable
  4. Demonstration of switch element
  5. Power of "Trigger by name" feature

Below is the macro.
Evernote Search EVS.kmmacros (205.0 KB)

The actions that you can change as per your wish is colored in green.

You can reuse this Macro for searching OmniFocus, Google, and much more. If the list of 10k common words in English is not enough for you, go ahead and download - https://github.com/dwyl/english-words (479k words)

For me, 10k words are more than enough as I can do searches like this with this macro. So entering entire words for searching is not required as both Keyboard Maestro's and Evernote's search engines are exceptional.

Let me know what you guys think.

Doesn't cause a lot of false positives with searching for other macros by name? When I am typing characters in a non-Evernote macro, the KM name search will try to match any of those 10K words.

I also wonder how effective those 10K common words are in searching for Evernote Notes. Most of the time I search it is for a word or phrase specific to some topic or technical area.

I don't think this would work for me.

I use the following macro, which is triggered by a hotkey:
MACRO: @EN Search Title of All Evernote Notes

I agree. When searching for other macros, it may be a hassle.

I can assign a separate Trigger by name for it. But, is there any way to exclude a macro from appearing in my global Trigger by name action? Like adding a disabled macro list for Trigger by name action?

Or else, you can delete all those dictionary words, and add some of them you frequently search for on Evernote.

BTW, the macro you presented is great. Looking to make it seamless.